About Survivify

Survival Kits for Daily Life.

You deserve useful kits to help you get you through life's trials and tribulations. Whether it is surviving when your dishwasher stops working, or surviving being laid off, you'll find the best tips are those that help you laugh, scrape by, and even see the good in your situation. After all, it could be worse.

So since people rarely tell you that you did a good job, or congratulate you for surviving hardships, such as having to hang up your own clothes, it's time to give yourself or a friend an "attaboy". Start earning badges for your incredible resilience and noteworthy, albeit often trivial, accomplishments.

Help mock life's difficulties, look on the bright side, and share some black humor with others in similar circumstances. Add your own tips and suggestions for more items to include in each survival kit. Then console yourself or others by customizing and emailing a survival kit to show you care.

Founder and CEO Jill Finlayson invites you to provide feedback to make the site easier to survivify. Just click the feedback button, send your comments, know that they are appreciated, and please be patient. Thanks.