Survivify: Unlikely

How to Survivify: A Powerful Earthquake

Depending on where you live, earthquakes are a daily occurrence, and sometimes they are so small that they go unnoticed. But in places where earthquakes are common, there is always the possibility that the next quake could be "The Big One." While we certainly can't stop the forces of nature, there are things that we can do in the way of preparedness to help lessen the impact of a decent-sized quake. As for huge quakes, alas we can only hang on and hope to survive the ride.

Look on the bright side:

  • Well, it's a good thing you kept putting off that household with all the renovations you'll need, it's good to have the extra cash. And see? Sometimes procrastination is a good thing.
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Tips from the trenches:

  • If you're inside, stay there and make sure to turn off the stove. If you're in your car, pull over and stay put.
  • If you're outdoors, move away from power lines and find an open area where there is nothing likely to fall on your head.
  • Anchor heavy things like bookcases and large appliances.
  • Have a family meeting and agree on the steps you will all take in the case of an emergency. Have a drill and practice your assigned tasks.
  • When indoors, avoid windows, mirrors, and hanging things in general. Go under a desk or stand against a strong interior wall.
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Survival kit contents:

(replenish as often as needed)

Words of Wisdom

An earthquake achieves what the law promises but does not in practice maintain - the equality of all men. -Ignazio Silon
We learn geology the morning after the earthquake. -Ralph Waldo Emerson