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How to Survivify: Running a Home-Based Amazon or eBay Business

Does your living room double as a fulfillment center? Are you living under a mountain of packaging supplies? When you open a closet or cabinet, do tons of Styrofoam peanuts come pouring out? While there are advantages to working out of your home (every day is casual day!), there are definitely some pitfalls to avoid. For one thing, there's the clutter. It's easy to accumulate piles of things to sell "at some point" -- and this can be truly tragic if you live in an apartment or lack a storage compartment or garage.

But there are also a lot of rewards to selling items on Amazon and eBay. Finding good items and distributing them at their market value is good for your bank account, er, the economy. And it's good to be the boss, for once, even if you have no employees. Then again, if you do really well at it, you can actually hire employees to do the grunt work for you. So what if you have to do a little dumpster diving along the way? No one ever said this would be easy.