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How to Survivify: Sciatica

You've probably had a painful nerve incident at the dentist's office. Now imagine having that same mind-numbing pain shooting up and down the entire length of your leg!

A challenge many people with back pain experience is that others cannot identify with it. It's an invisible condition that is hard to empathize with unless you've experienced it for yourself. Help others survivify this by sharing your best tips and tricks.

Look on the bright side:

  • You've got time to tackle your reading list.
  • You can avoid household chores for a while.
  • You can get out of going to that dreaded cookout at your crazy uncle Henry's house.
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Sciatica_photo_normal Ripped_top Ripped_bottom Ripped_left Ripped_right Ripped_bottomright Ripped_bottomleft Wide-tape

Tips from the trenches:

  • Find a chiropractor, who can help treat your back and also suggest good exercises.
  • Pilates will help strengthen your core.
  • Avoid bending and twisting motions. This means absolutely no housework.
  • Get new walking shoes or sneakers and toss ones with worn soles.
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Words of Wisdom

Everything hurts. -Michelangelo