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How to Survivify: When Your Candidate Loses on Election Day

Political campaigns have become increasingly contentious these days, and they can bring out the best and worse among candidates as well as the rest of us, as we are all swept up in the frenzy. Whether it's an election of a town supervisor, mayor, school board representative, Governor, Member of Congress, Senator or President, the result is the same. People desperately hope their chosen candidate will end up on top at the end of the night.

Although, sad to say, more people vote for their choice on American Idol than on Election Day, there are plenty of political junkies and passionate voters who invest in their candidate of choice. Some organize at the grass-roots level, host their own fundraisers and go door to door to solicit support. For these people who do so much on behalf of their chosen candidate, a loss can be devastating. Here are some coping strategies.